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Cavity Wall Insulation Grants - Apply Now! in Wigan

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Cavity Wall Insulation in Wigan

Finding Cavity Wall Insulation in WiganFinding Cavity Wall Insulation in Wigan has never been easier. All you have to do is fill in the form to see what level of grant funding is available and the deals on offer to you.

By using one of our approved installers, they’ll also complete all the paperwork and do all the legwork for you.

Gone are the days of having to look up your local installers in the Yellow Pages and trust the opinion of others. You can make up your own mind, safe in the knowledge that your installation will be delivered by a fully approved and qualified installer from the Wigan area.

Cavity Wall Insulation

What is cavity wall insulation?

If your property was built after 1924, the external walls almost certainly consist of two layers, separated by a thin cavity.

If this is the case with your property, and a massive number of homes across the UK are, then you will be wasting hundreds of pounds a year on your fuel bills. A staggering amount of heat, as much as 40% of that generated, is lost through unfilled cavity wall insulation!

Cavity wall insulation typically consists of shredded mineral wool or glass fibre and is blown through a small opening in the wall. It’s a quick and effective installation with minimal to no disruption.

How much can cavity wall insulation save me?

The Energy Saving Trust, the recognised and respected government funded body, estimates that savings of up to £115 a year* on heating bills are likely from installing cavity wall insulation.

Savings for larger households, or those heated by electricity are likely to be larger still. DECC, the Department of Energy and Climate Change, estimates that the best insulated properties can save over £500 a year** on fuel bills.

* Based on a 3 bedroom semi-detached property heated by a gas boiler.

** DECC Press Release – 30 Jun 2010.

Is my property suitable for cavity wall insulation?

One of our surveyors will check the following to ensure that your property is suitable for loft insulation. Your free survey will highlight any obstacles to having the installation completed, and the suitability if your property. Things to consider:

  • Am I already insulated - Have your walls have already been filled?
  • Do I have prior agreement - Are your neighbours agreeable to the changes. Please don’t apply unless you have spoken to your neighbours and got their agreement.
  • Damp issues - Are there are any signs of damp? Any issues of damp should be resolved before insulation can commence.
  • Cavity width restrictions -  Cavity widths less than 50mm may not be able to take insulation.
  • Ventilation - A vent will need to be fitted. If ventilation is inadequate this can cause issues.

Your survey will uncover any of these issues, but the more informed you are as a customer, the more seamless the process will be.

Maximise your savings

EnergyBillSaver.co.uk also offer an optional, completely free, no-obligation energy comparison service. We compare every single tariff, and can find you the cheapest deal in the market for your individual circumstances.

If you haven’t switched recently, it’s likely that you are significantly overpaying. Why not see how much you can save in addition. You could save as much as £500 a year!

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